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Laparoscopic Surgery

We specialise in Laparoscopy surgeries
A Laparoscopic Surgery is done through one or more small incisions, using small tubes and tiny cameras
and surgical instruments.

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Laparoscopy Hands-On Training

Physicians/Surgeons will at their own pace and leisure learn, improve upon and become proficient in basic Laparoscopic skills. The center has Laparoscopic boxes which will be individually assigned to each surgeon.

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Pig Mimic Lab

The Pig Lab is a mimic of a real Laparoscopy suite.
Here, Surgeons will use live pigs to further hone in on their skills prior to doing the procedure on a real person.

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Standard annual visits would normally include pap smears, breast exams, and other tests deemed necessary. Discussions regarding any abnormal periods, pain, bleeding, nausea or any other concerns will also be addressed. Patients are actively involved in deciding the care they will receive. As a young lady develops, the need for professional feminine care becomes a necessary part of her overall health care requirement. The healthcare professionals at MISS will provide the same loving professional care to her only modified to accommodate her youth and inexperience. These visits usually begin between ages 12-15 and are adjusted to meet her specific needs.


What Our Patients Say

I found this Hospital online. I booked an appointment to see the Gynaecologist (Dr Shitta-Bey) and i'll say I was not disappointed. First of all, I was happy being examined by a woman. But above all she made me so relaxed. She explained my situation in the simplest way possible. Took samples for further investigations & explained my results . I felt better after everything. I'd been told I needed surgery, but after all the tests, scans she did, we found out I didn't need the surgery. She is honest, thorough and highly professional. I'll recommend this Hospital to every woman.

Oluwatoyin Ogundeko

MISS is so amazing. I lack words to describe the love and care you showed me. I really appreciate you. No doubt, you are the best. MISS is the best.

Faith Omoigui