• Can I get surgery prices over the phone?

    While we cannot tell you the exact price of any surgical case before a detailed consultation, we can give you a rough estimate of certain expected costs associated with a similar case of interest.

  • Do you have clinic Services?

    Yes. We offer antenatal, pediatric, internal medicine and general surgery consultation services.

  • What is an ambulatory service center?

    It is a place where you can undergo same day surgery.  And when we say same day we MEAN same day.  This typically means you get to go home the day of your surgery and sleep in your own bed. This is usually accomplished by doing laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery.

  • Do you i have to get a consultation even though i already had a consultation service else where?

    Yes.  To mitigate costs, we encourage you to bring your lab and imaging studies and any biopsy or pathology results you have. After we review this, we will let you know what, if any surgical service you need.  We believe in the sacred oath of “Do no harm” and we do not believe in unnecessary procedures, labs or surgery.

  • Do you have telemedicine services?

    Yes, we offer telemedicine services. Our providers will be able to consult with you at a more convenient time if you are unable to be seen physically.

  • (For Physicians) Will I be charged to use the surgery center?

    No. The physicians will be able to bring their patients to undergo elective surgery at the ambulatory center. The doctors will not be charged

  • (For Physicians) How Long will it take to become proficient in laparascopy?

    There is a learning curve with laparoscopic surgery. As with anything, practice makes you better. If you diligently study the FLS curriculum and practice in the FLS skills lab at least two to three times per week. You will notice a sizeable difference in your surgical laparoscopic skills within a very short period.

  • (For Physicians) Will I be able to call a surgery center and have my cases booked?

    All patients have to undergo pre-op screening at the center. They will be allowed to do blood work from an outside lab or have it done at the center.  After they have passed the pre-op screen, then they can be scheduled for surgery.

    You may book your patients for surgery, but put in mind that they would have to get pre-op screening/testing.