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Open/Close Menu Minimally Invasive surgical solutions Ltd (MISS) is both a laparoscopy training center and an Ambulatory Surgery center. The goal of the center is twofold in keeping with the mission of the company and the objectives of the founder.

Cancer Kills! All women need to understand the age appropriate screening tests that are recommended in order to detect cancer early.  The goal of early detection is to improve your survival rate or cure you of the cancer.  The most common female cancers are Breast, Ovarian, Cervical, Endometrial and colon cancers. 

We recommend women over the age of 21 yrs be screened for cervical cancer by doing a pap smear. Breast cancer is screened in women by age 40 years using a mammogram.  Colon, Ovarian and endometrial cancers all have specific tests to aid in early detection of these cancers, depending on a person’s symptoms.  Visit us at to get more information

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