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Open/Close Menu Minimally Invasive surgical solutions Ltd (MISS) is both a laparoscopy training center and an Ambulatory Surgery center. The goal of the center is twofold in keeping with the mission of the company and the objectives of the founder.

Laparoscopic Surgery has gained popularity in the surgical world and is often preferred over open surgery due to the obvious benefits seen by the patients: fewer complications, less pain, quicker recovery, shorter hospital stay, and small surgical scars. While its’ prevalence expands, the need for reliable and convenient training is becoming more important to surgeons/Ob/Gyns Laparoscopic skills are not innate behaviour and cannot be easily mimicked, they are only acquired by hands-on training.

Laparoscopic Surgery requires skills such as ambidexterity, hand-eye coordination, knot tying, tissue handling, and repetitive motions. Simulation-based models have been proven to be both valid and reliable for teaching and testing laparoscopic skills in a scientifically approved format; with the goal to cause patients no harm. Fundamentals of Laparoscopic surgery (FLS) is a known and reliable simulation-based model that teaches and assesses general surgeons as well as Ob/Gyns in the basic and technical skills needed in laparoscopic surgery.

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