Physicians who have shown surgical proficiency in laparoscopy will be welcome to operate laparoscopically on their patients at the center.

The ultimate goal of the center is to provide a safe environment where patients can undergo ambulatory procedures and surgeons can feel confident that they will have the appropriate tools and support while performing laparoscopic surgery at the center


All Doctors will need to be credentialed to have independent use of our facilities. The credentialing process requires surgical log cases for the last 2 years, references  & application form and documentation of FLS competency within 6 months of using the facilities.

For doctors who are just beginning the laparoscopic journey we will provide proctoring on the first 10 cases. The proctoring can be extended to 20 cases if necessary.


Physicians at all levels; novice, beginner or intermediary levels are welcome to improve upon or accumulate laparoscopic skills in our center. This is accomplished by having physicians start with inanimate training boxes. After mastery of specific tasks, the physician will progress to a wet lab where they will practice specific laparoscopic procedures.

The laparoscopy training curriculum is based on the principles of Fundamentals of Laparoscopic surgery (FLS) under SAGES (Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons).

The training center at MISS is the only accredited international training site in Africa for the FLS program and it is accredited by MDCN to provide CPD credits.


We are always hiring and looking for great people to become a part of our team.

If interested, please email a copy of your CV with a cover letter to

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