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Open/Close Menu Minimally Invasive surgical solutions Ltd (MISS) is both a laparoscopy training center and an Ambulatory Surgery center. The goal of the center is twofold in keeping with the mission of the company and the objectives of the founder.

Endosee is a portable, diagnostic hysteroscope. It uses a disposable (single patient use) cannula which contains a new camera and a dual-LED light source. The cannula attaches to a reusable hand-held monitor that provides direct visualization of the uterine cavity using a smartphone-like touch screen. Endosee can be used for diagnostic hysteroscopy. It can also be used along with an EndometriaL Biopsy (EMB)such as a Pipelle, Pipet, or Explora for endometrial biopsy sampling utilizing guided visualization.

We are now offering office hysteroscopy using the Endosee device. Call our office on 08177788223 or 08177788224 to book an appointment to get a diagnostic hysteroscopy done using the Endosee device.

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